Legacy systems have always been synonymous of complicated code, hard to maintain and hard to test. This is a tool for generating unit tests (TDD) from instantiated objects. It is shown that in all cases where serialize an instance of a class for running unit tests is laborious, or impractical, the tool presented is a valuable option. The great advantage over other available tools refers to the fact that we can enjoy the state of objects within the tests, instead of having to recreate an object from its initial state.

The tool works with the debugger visualizers. So, the procedure must be done in two steps: configuration and usage


1) Click the Tools menu of Visual Studio
2) Click UTGenerator
3) Select an assembly to be visualized by the debugger
4) Select a type of assembly
5) In the debugger, set a breakpoint
6) Start debug mode
7) Click the magnifying glass

This program has not been extensively tested in different situations. Please let me know if there are problems in install mode or use. Or maybe, any suggestions. Thanks!

Email: fabioborelli@msn.com

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